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Master your story. Transform the journey for others.

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and how to convert it into a movement!

launch A platform to Leverage your expertise and...

own your ladder


Executive Coaching intensive

Your company is as strong as the human guiding it. Identify your unique brand of leadership powered by purpose. Uncover the stories that will transform the journey of your customers. Lead from your zone of genius and maximize impact in every room.


customer journey mapping & funnel builds

Optimizing your online platform requires mastery-level understanding of your client's path to success. A deep-dive strategy intensive defines clear goals for your business, builds a custom blueprint to attract your ideal human, and nurtures your relationships for conversion and continued growth.

What we'll create during our time together:

  • Business Model
  • Offer Strategy & Value Ladder
  • Customer Personas and Brand Voice
  • Content Plan
  • Customized Platform Blueprint



Want to learn more about growing an online business aligned with purpose? Our 2-hour small group workshops are the ideal environment to learn about tools and resources to accelerate your impact by rallying your audience around a shared mission.

We also offer private client experiences for companies who want to invest in their team.

it's time to reclaim the narrative...

Use your story to create transformative change

I understand the frustration of intensely pouring effort into spaces that don't expand your potential.

Working harder won't take you to

the places you want to go...

Alignment matters. The truth is, we deliver our best performance when we serve from our unique intersection of purpose, passion, and proficiency.

Humans make decisions based on emotions before justifying them with logic. Establishing a heart connection with your target audience begins with understanding precisely where you are entering their story and how you help them reach their goals.

Whether your audience is making a decision behind an interview table, holding a credit card, or signing a policy, relationships are the currency of creating change.

I've discovered the best way to create customer relationships that grow in value is to share your story in a way that grows connection by rallying around a shared mission.

Imagine walking into every room with confidence to deliver your strongest performance and creatE...

change that matters

“I have never met anyone like Rafat that can clearly see your business vision, can align it with your soul’s purpose, and execute it with a passion so that your target audience feels your heart’s intention. ”

My time spent with her was invaluable, and I looked forward to each discussion as her creative genius helped generate future business ideas.

My time spent with her was invaluable, and I looked forward to each discussion as her creative genius helped generate future business ideas.

- Kimi Wilson, Love your journey

Rafat fields, CEO Powered To Rise

Rafat Fields is a transformational brand coach for women who seek strong alignment between their purpose, passion, and profit. With nearly 2 decades of sales and marketing expertise working on billion-dollar brands, she brings highly structured and strategic thinking to solve the most complex of business challenges.

Rafat also leverages her training as a NASM™ certified personal trainer and Enlifted™ story coach to guide women through growing their inner and physical strength to generate powerful impact across all areas of their life.

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