It's Handled.

meet Your Personal brand concierge.

Secure your travel to Atlanta for a weekend and I'll take care of all the details to launch your glass-shattering executive presence.

It's time to rise

You've reached the point in your career when promotions are negotiated as much as they are earned.

What got you here won't get you to that executive table. As you reach the ranks of middle management, advancing your career requires strong sponsor relationships that elevate your reputation as a leader.

Building your personal brand through an online platform amplifies your expertise, creates connection points to attract aligned relationships, and elevates your impact.

Own Your Narrative

Gain clarity on how your personal core values align with the work you do and the legacy you seek to build.

Create a visual brand identity designed to connect with your audience on an innate level that draws them to you.

Build aligned relationships up and down the leadership ladder that attract mentors and sponsors who speak your name into rooms.

Understand the problem you are uniquely positioned to solve and how to capture the attention of decision-makers.

Launch an online platform that amplifies your executive presence, expands your reach, and elevates your impact.

Save time by allowing my team to do all the heavy lifting. Block time for a 2-hour virtual preparation meeting. Arrive in Atlanta and we'll take care of the rest!

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About Us...

A Brand-Building VIP Experience

designed to celebrate your magic while

creating an executive presence that unleashes your power.

I created the 2-day Retreat experience for women who are dedicated to serving everyone in their world with excellence often while deprioritizing their own needs.

This weekend is about honoring YOU. Allow my carefully curated team of visual & personal brand strategists to help the world see what I do...

Your Brilliance!

From the time you arrive in Atlanta, you will be welcomed into our sister circle and enveloped with love and care to ensure you depart with a full cup ready to shine your light even brighter.

Come for world-class strategy and digital platform development. Leave with a heart replenished to overflow ready to continue doing the work you were created for!

The best time to start was 10 years ago. Our next best option is RIGHT NOW. Let's talk about building your unique executive leadership brand so you can secure your seat at the next level.

Rafat Fields

I help women of color within healthcare organizations launch an online platform. I help you develop strategic partnerships that elevate your career, grow organizational results, and build stronger communities.

Allies welcome.

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Rafat Fields

I help women of color within large organizations like the Fortune 500 launch an online platform to build relationships that help them get promoted and flourish.

Allies welcome.

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