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Navigating The Executive Table-Episode 0

October 26, 20231 min read

“If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together.” - African Proverb

Welcome to Own Your Ladder, the podcast that is dedicated to empowering women of color and their allies to break through the corporate ranks and reach the executive table. In this episode, we dive into the mission behind Own Your Ladder and why strategic partnerships and air cover are crucial for career advancement. Join us as we explore actionable advice, inspiration, and strategies for aspiring executives. We also discuss the importance of diversity in leadership and how companies are positioning themselves for sustainable growth. Together, we can create a future where the CEOs of Fortune 500 companies reflect the rich diversity of our population. If you're ready to own your ladder and rise to new heights, hit that subscribe button and join us on this journey.

Rafat Fields a Black woman in a pink dress offers executive coaching to women of color and allies with corporate career roles

On This Episode You’ll Hear About:

00:02:56 Mentorship, sponsorship, and partnerships needed to realize equity.

00:06:12 Sharing value, becoming a thought leader, breaking barriers.

00:07:25 What inspired The Own Your Ladder Podcast?

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Rafat Fields

I help women of color within healthcare organizations launch an online platform. I help you develop strategic partnerships that elevate your career, grow organizational results, and build stronger communities.

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Rafat Fields

I help women of color within large organizations like the Fortune 500 launch an online platform to build relationships that help them get promoted and flourish.

Allies welcome.

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