You were made to flourish

Early in my career, I played the game of Corporate Survivor. I believed the path to winning was working 2x as hard to outwit, outplay, and outlast the competition.

This served me well until I reached a place in my career where growth no longer depended on what I did. After a rapid rise to mid-level roles and a persistent battle with burnout, it would take nearly 10 years to secure my next promotion.

I want to save you at least 8 ½ of them.


Your Gifts

You were sent into this world with skills that grow with you to fulfill your unique purpose. I guide you through aligning them with your experience and expertise to unleash your most powerful impact in every room.


Your Challenge

The greatest obstacle I see servant leaders struggle with is deprioritizing your needs to show up for everyone else. Creating balance between your work and what lights you up is the fastest path to RISE.


All By Design

You get to design a career that supports the life you dream of. Releasing checklists of the past and embracing your aligned career path accelerates growth and securing your seat at the leadership table.

Doing the work that lights you up will transform every aspect of your life.


I help women leverage your strengths and expertise to build an authentic executive leadership brand that elevates your opportunities for growth before entering the room.

By releasing external expectations, I guide you inward to connect with your infinite source of power and unleash brilliance that attracts relationships that create a career path aligned with your purpose.


I work for the day we see true equity in the most senior leadership roles, CEOs of the Fortune 500.

My desire is to become the most valued partner in helping existing executive leadership build stronger relationships with women of color within their organization.


When a woman rises, she lifts an entire community with her.


Rafat Fields

I help women of color within healthcare organizations launch an online platform. I help you develop strategic partnerships that elevate your career, grow organizational results, and build stronger communities.

Allies welcome.

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Rafat Fields

I help women of color within large organizations like the Fortune 500 launch an online platform to build relationships that help them get promoted and flourish.

Allies welcome.

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