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Master your story, change your life. Transform the journey for others.

Gain clarity on your purpose and create an action plan with accountability metrics to integrate it across your life. Lead from your zone of genius and deliver your most powerful performance in every room. When you speak, people listen. Most importantly, they take action.

Making Connections that Convert

“The key to growing a thriving business is creating customer relationships with people you want to enjoy life with.”

The first step to building a relationship is creating connection. Learn how to build a business without "selling" a single product or service. Discover how to find community and serve from your purpose-powered zone of genius.

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CEO Powered To Rise

Hi, I’m Rafat. I help women with a 9-5 who seek strong alignment between their purpose, passion, and profit. In the nearly 2 decades I’ve navigated corporate life, I’ve consistently grown revenue of billion-dollar brands through sales and marketing.

Early in my journey, I prioritized the quality of my work and measured performance by customer satisfaction levels. This served me well until I reached a place in my career where growth no longer depended on what I did. After a rapid rise to mid-level roles, it would take nearly 10 years to secure my next promotion.

I want to save you at least 8 ½ of them.

If you want to rise inside of large organizations like the Fortune 500, there is a point where your advancement is connected to how well someone else can speak for you.

I help women just like you deliver your message with authentic and effective approaches that build relationships with the right audience. The way to reach the places you want to grow is to be proactive about how your story is told.

The best time to start was 10 years ago. Our next best option is RIGHT NOW. Don't wait for your dream job to be posted.

Start building a reputation that ensures your name is the one that rises to the top and decision-makers can't envision any other candidate once the role is listed.

Whether you are positioning for a seat at the table or you’ve decided to build your own…

I’ve got you.

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