Own Your Ladder

Launch an online platform &

build relationships that convert.

Own Your Ladder

Launch an online platform&

build relationships that convert.

it's time to reclaim Your life...

Working harder won't take you to

the places you want to grow...

I understand the frustration of intensely pouring effort into spaces that don't expand your potential.

Alignment matters. The truth is, we deliver our best performance when we serve from our unique intersection of purpose, passion, and proficiency.

Humans make decisions based on emotions before justifying them with logic. Establishing a heart connection with your target audience begins with understanding precisely where you're entering their story and how you help them reach their goals.

Whether your customer is making a decision behind an interview table, holding a credit card, or signing a policy, relationships are the currency of growth.

I've discovered the best way to create productive professional relationships is to share your story in a way that accelerates connection.

Imagine being sought after for your expertise as a performance leader. In addition to landing bigger roles to increase your impact, you'll have time to LIVE. Spend time with your family, travel, or volunteer with local charities.

When your core values are aligned with the work you do, there's more time for what matters to you.

This is what my clients experience.

Are you ready to RISE?

What got you here won't get you there...

Here's the most important thing to know...

In large organizations like the Fortune 500, decisions on promoting talent are made in closed-door meetings.

This means your advancement is connected to how well others can speak to your strengths and opportunities for development.

The key to reaching the places you want to grow is to BE PROACTIVE about how your story is told.

By the time a role is posted, you've missed an important opportunity.

Positioning yourself within the leadership pipeline empowers a company to recognize you as an impact player on their team.

You want decision-makers to visualize you as a leader who moves people towards delivering results.

You need a strategy that captivates their attention.

Your reputation precedes you. It shows up in what people say when you aren’t in the room.

Let’s give them something to talk about!

Imagine walking into every room as the real you, powered to

lead with confidence.

Schedule a call with me to gain clarity on your message and how to

build a reputation that opens doors to the places you want to grow!

Rafat fields,

CEO Powered To Rise

Hi, I’m Rafat. I help women with a 9-5 who seek strong alignment between their purpose, passion, and profit. In the nearly 2 decades I’ve navigated corporate life, I’ve consistently grown revenue of billion-dollar brands through sales and marketing.

Early in my journey, I prioritized the quality of my work and measured performance by customer satisfaction levels. This served me well until I reached a place in my career where growth no longer depended on what I did. After a rapid rise to mid-level roles, it would take nearly 10 years to secure my next promotion.

I want to save you at least 8 ½ of them.

If you want to rise inside of large organizations like the Fortune 500, there is a point where your advancement is connected to how well someone else can speak for you.

I help women just like you deliver your message with authentic and effective approaches that build relationships with the right audience. The way to reach the places you want to grow is to be proactive about how your story is told.

The best time to start was 10 years ago. Our next best option is RIGHT NOW. Don't wait for your dream job to be posted.

Start building a reputation that ensures your name is the one that rises to the top and decision-makers can't envision any other candidate once the role is listed.

Whether you are positioning for a seat at the table or you’ve decided to build your own…

I’ve got you.

It's time to

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