Meet Rafat Fields

Builder of Strength.

Cultivator of Purpose.

Champion of Women.

Meet Rafat Fields

Builder of Strength. Cultivator of Purpose. Champion of Women.

Hi, I'm Rafat your coach and advocate for going ALL-IN on your purpose. There was a time when I searched far and wide to complete my "checklist" for leadership development.

Every day I woke up at zero dark thirty, worked beyond 6 pm, spent a precious few hours with my family, and worked late in my home office to wrap up more tasks.

I developed a persona to project the "executive presence" I believed would be accepted. I was showing up as different versions on the job vs. at home and in my community.

Over time, I became exhausted from compartmentalizing these different roles across my life. I was disconnected from the unique strengths and experiences that create my competitive advantage and allow me to lead from my zone of genius.

Now I understand this simple truth...

Alignment matters.

We deliver our best performance when we serve from our unique intersection of purpose, passion, and proficiency.

Once I did the work to understand how the story I lived alongside my gifts and passions were connected, I learned how to leverage these lessons to generate impact across every area of my life.

Living fully into my identity as a mission-driven leader unlocked the power of my unique brand of leadership. Now I'm your secret weapon!

You were created to deliver a new perspective at the tables you sit.

What is your message?

More importantly, how do you want your story to be told by others?

The way to reach the places you want to grow is to build relationships by delivering so much impact, people can't stop talking about you.

Life is short. Why wait for your name to be called?

Whether you desire to be sought-after to join exclusive tables or prefer to build your own...

Imagine what life will be like when you OWN YOUR LADDER!

launch a platform to share your message and...

Build Relationships That take You Where You want to Grow



A 1:1 experience that gives you step-by-step directions on how to build it yourself. Think of me as your personal GPS.

Come for clarity. Leave with a blueprint:

-Be proactive about how your story is told.

-Communicate with confidence while maintaining your values.

-Lead with impact from any level of your company



Build alongside other rising mission-driven leaders.

A "Do It Yourself" experience with support from friends.

Learn how to:

-Create a polished online presence to communicate your message

-Develop professional relationships that accelerate your growth

-Select the best channels to build your platform and deliver your message before you enter the room.



A "Done For You" engagement.

Under a time clock and want to build your platform right away? This fully customizable experience is for you. If you're preparing for an interview, partner promotional review, or looking to launch your platform on a larger scale my team can help!

own your impact

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Rafat fields,

CEO Powered To Rise

Hi, I’m Rafat. I help women with a 9-5 who seek strong alignment between their purpose, passion, and profit. In the nearly 2 decades I’ve navigated corporate life, I’ve consistently grown revenue of billion-dollar brands through sales and marketing.

Early in my journey, I prioritized the quality of my work and measured performance by customer satisfaction levels. This served me well until I reached a place in my career where growth no longer depended on what I did. After a rapid rise to mid-level roles, it would take nearly 10 years to secure my next promotion.

I want to save you at least 8 ½ of them.

If you want to rise inside of large organizations like the Fortune 500, there is a point where your advancement is connected to how well someone else can speak for you.

I help women just like you deliver your message with authentic and effective approaches that build relationships with the right audience. The way to reach the places you want to grow is to be proactive about how your story is told.

The best time to start was 10 years ago. Our next best option is RIGHT NOW. Don't wait for your dream job to be posted.

Start building a reputation that ensures your name is the one that rises to the top and decision-makers can't envision any other candidate once the role is listed.

Whether you are positioning for a seat at the table or you’ve decided to build your own…

I’ve got you.

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